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Goree Island

Finally I visited the famous Goree Island in Dakar, after a year half of Senegal life (actually I came here once for a music concert but it was night that time). It is 3km away from Dakar and it takes 10 minutes by ferry boat. About 1,000 people live on this small island where we could walk around for an hour. The island was known as a center of slave trade in the histry and there are still many historical buidings. Goree Island is one of five World Heritage sites in Senegal.

The island attracts people for two main reasons. First one is that it is a famous toursim spot. Almost all the tourists who come to Dakar visit this island, even Senegalese people visit there to learn the history. Second one is that is is one of the best spots in Dakar for relaxing. Since there are no cars on the island, it is actually quiet (especially at night) and you can enjoy strolling among the colorful houses and witnessing people's everyday life. I hear that many artists live on Goree and there is certainly artistic atmosphere. Of course you can just sit in a cafe watching the ocean. I know several people who fell in love with the island and they moved there and commute to Dakar city by using the ferry every day.

Ferry departure point to Goree

Goree port

Small street in Goree

・Goree Island (Wiki)

・Goree Island (UNESCO)


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