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Delayed Baggage and Presentations of My Work

It has been a while since my last update on this blog.

When I arrived in Senegal from the U.S with United and South African airways due to Delta’s overbooking, my three baggages did not arrive at the airport. Since that day, I tried to get the maximum amount of information about my baggage everyday by visiting, calling, and e-mailing. Finally, one baggage arrived from Ney York 4 days later and another baggage from Atlanta 5 days later. The last one, finally after 12 days, on December 31st, arrived from Johannesburg. Those days, I worried so much about my things and the baby goods that filled my 3 suitcases for our life in Dakar...

While I was away from Senegal, the 15th ICASA was held here. I prepared an oral presentation for the ICASA about a part of my work here in Senegal: an effective HIV/AIDS prevention approach for youth. I also presented my work at a conference in Tokyo held by the Japan Association for International Health in October (Thank you to the people in the health sector in Senegal who encouraged and supported me !).

- Presentation at the 23rd conference held by the Japan Association for International Health (Oct. 25-26, 2008)(http://www.imcj.go.jp/kyokuhp/goudou/top.html)

- Presentation at the 15th ICASA in Senegal (Dec. 5-7, 2008) (http://www.icasadakar2008.org/en/index_inscription.php?rub_id=70)


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