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One of the Pleasures of Senegal

Senegalese women often wear colorful clothes with various motifs. Shopping for this kind of cloth is one of the pleasures in Senegal. This cloth is called wax and there are many kinds. Actually we can find this cloth not only in Senegal but in other Western African countries too, thus, it is also fun to look for another style during my business trips. I choose my favorite colors and motifs and ask a tailor to make bags for myself or friends. This is really fun for me. I imagine we could name it “Senesac”(Senegal plus Sac (bag in French)) and sell it as a kind of Eco-bag. Don’t you want to have one???

The pink colored material is my favorite one from Burkina Faso, the others were found in Senegal

Shoulder bag

Small bag, my favorite too


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