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Summer vacation: Cruise to the Adriatic and Aegean Sea from Venice (part 1)

We had a nice cruise to the Adriatic and Aegean Sea for a week. The cruise was somewhat different from any other travel style that I have experienced. We could stay comfortably in our cabin but join in a lot of events on the ship anytime, just by taking an elevator. Almost every day we could enjoy browsing different cities. The Italian food served on the ship was very tasty (probably because we live in Paris) and being served three meals a day made the trip very easy going. Our son, a year and half old, really enjoyed his first swimming pool and the ocean experiences. At night, he enjoyed watching the entertainment show and dancing with the live music on the ship.

---Venice, before boarding---

Buildings are standing from the water.



My four recommendations in Venice: Music flowing around the Piazza San Marco at night, good restaurant “IL RIDOTTO” (www.ilridotto.com), the open-atmosphere of Lido Island where you can relax along the beach, and “HOTEL CASA VERARDO”.

---Cruise ship---


Cost Fortuna. As you see in the picture, it was huge. We heard the number of passengers was about 3000 and the staff was 1000 on board.

This was at one of the formal nights. Their big baby chair helped us a lot.

Our son loved dancing with the live music after dinner. His favorite dancing was spinning like a top.

He was allowed to play in the baby pool with a diaper. He loved it (though he does not smile in the picture).

I would like to update the pictures of each city visited in Part 2.


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