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Half-day visit to Geneva

When we were planning a trip to Chamonix, I wanted to go through Geneva just to glance at the city that I occasionally hear about at my work. During a half-day city tour, we saw buildings of international organizations and the fountain in the Lake Leman. We also had the chance to walk a bit in the old city.

We had a problem. We planned to go by taxi from the airport to the meeting place of the tour. However, the taxi driver wouldn’t take us, explaining that we didn’t have a baby seat. We had to change the plan and rushed to check the train schedule. We called the guide of the small tour but she clarified that they could not wait even a minute and would leave on time. We jumped in a train and then kept running for 15 minutes from the station to the meeting place. We experienced the strict rule application of Switzerland.

Enjoying own seat after becoming two

The U.N

Running around the city ignoring the guide


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