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A short trip to Vancouver

I bought a world round ticket for my exceptionally long vacation which I benefit from when I work abroad. The first destination was Vancouver in Canada because I heard it is the most livable city in the world. Let's see if I want to live there in the future! We arrived there after a long trip from Dakar going through Paris and Montreal.

My impression of Vancouver was... open and culturally diverse, close to the nature(forests, ocean, and mountains), good public services, clean streets and easy acces to public transportation, smiling whenever I meet someone's eyes. The only negative point is that I heard it rains everyday during the winter. However, yes, I completely agree that it is the most livable city in the world! (but in comparison with San Francisco, it kind of lacks the "taste" of a city)

My recommendations are... 1) Going around the Stanley Park by bike, 2) B level dishes at the ethnic restautrants or food courts in shopping centers, 3) Scenery of forest, ocean, town, mountains from Kitsilano Beach. You can go anywhere easily with one day pass (8$) and a map.

Days in Vancouver:
1st: Arrive, Check-in at C&N Hostel near the Central Statition. Walk along Main St. and dinner at a natural food restaurant.
2nd: Walk through China town, Gastown, then shopping at Pacific Center. After Lunch at the food court, walk to Yale tow. Then, hamburger dinner at White Top.
3rd: Take Skytrain, Seabus, and Bus, to go to Capilano Suspension Bridge and Grouse mountain. Altitude is more than 1000m. Walk on West Broadway and dinner at a Chinese restaurant.
4th: Go to Robson St. and Kitsilano, lunch at a Greek restaurant. Going around Stanley Park by bike. Shopping at Metrotown and dinner at its food court.

Apartments have many windows

Hamburger at White Top

Capilano Suspension Bridge

A scenery from Grouse Mountain

I reccomend the Seafood porridge(Congee Noodle House:141 East Broadway)

Public library in a shopping mall, good idea

Kitsilano Beach (you can see the ocean, forest, town and moutains!)

I reccomend the fried Kalamari! (2222 4th St.)

Going through Stanley Park by bike (you can find a rental bike shop at the end of Georgia St.)


Middletown in Northern California

We left Vancouver, Canada and arrived at the San Francisco International Airport in the U.S. After staying in the city that night, we headed for Northern California. From San Francisco, we drove for 2 hours to the north, buying vegetables at Napa county on the way, and arrived at Middletown where people say they have the cleanest air in California. I stayed there for 4 nights.

What we did there was just spending time with the family. We started with breakfast, then spent time slowly, took lunch, did either tennis or reading books or taking a walk or buying stuff, and had dinner. This repeated everyday. I didn't do anything special but had a good repose. I love the air in Northern California. We spent our time inT-shirts and sandals during the day but put ourselves in a blanket from the evening because it gets chilly. I really like this.

I enjoyed playing tennis there with a guy who calls himself a Native American. He said he was living off of his share in the casino. My tennis lesson in Dakar helped me to be able to enjoy it! And,,, even though there are basically 2 places where we can buy groceries in the town, one of them provides a wireless internet connection, very useful!

Buying vegetables in Napa County

Having a relaxed lunch

Just spending time

Harbin HotSprings (My strong recommendation! It shows how to get to Middletown too)


Attractive San Francisco

After coming back to San Francisco from Northern California, I stayed at my father in law's place. I enjoyed myself by shopping, browsing in the city, visiting Berkeley, killing time in cafes. I always find this city attractive!! This small city has diverse neighborhoods and we could visit them by walking and taking public transportation. It's imbued with nature, diversity and a liberal atmosphere. People are kind and open minded. The slightly chilly temperature also suits me.

Land prices have been increasing over the last several years. This makes me want to consider buying one for living! However it is more than $800,000 in the city so the down payment alone could amount to more than $150,000? Of course you have to have a job first though. But there is a friend who bought a house with land for about $100,000 10 years ago in Oakland and, recently, the price is about double to triple. The fact that there will be another bridge in addition to the Bay Bridge may lead to even more significant increases??? Anyway, San Francisco has this attractiveness to make me dream like this! After all, we stayed in the U.S for 10 days.

Golden Gate Bridge, a gate to San Francisco,

Thick American pizza (a little gross in the picture? but I could not help having it...)

Wireless Internet at a cafe on Fillmore (I went there several times during my stay. My recommendation!)

A view from my father in law's place, we could see twin peaks

A scene in Berkeley

At a cafe on College Av. in Berkeley (Around here is also good for living!! (if you can afford it though..))


In San Francisco

I came to San Francisco for my vacation and plan to stay here untill mid December. I saw my son!

A view in S.F

With his grandpa

My son


Birthday in Cambridge MA

A month has passed since we arrived in Cambridge, MA, USA. The summer program required by my graduate school ended and I am now preparing for the fall semester. Today, we had lunch at a seafood restaurant (called No Name) in Boston with Flora’s close friends and we all enjoyed browsing at Boston Common. At night, we celebrated with a Finale’s cake (we heard it was the best cake in Cambridge…).






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