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Chinese restaurant at Belleville

My wife and I had dinner with my collegues in France in a chinese restaurant in the 11th district. The last time we had dinner with them in the winter, it was at a french restaurant called "Au pied de cochon", which means "at the pig's feet". We were served gelatin covered pig's feet... very hard to finish even 1/4 of it (in a way it was very fun to see a part of the french cuisine culture and we liked that). But tonight's dinner was so delicous, thank you for inviting us, my collegues!

New Nioullaville (Chinese restaurant at 11th)
Au pied de cochon


July 13th in Paris


After having dinner with 4 americans, a couple from San Francisco, my wife's uncle and a family friend from the south, we all walked to Bastille. We saw a ball by the firemen in the 4th district and a huge street concert "Vive le Bresil" at Bastille, there were tons of people. La fete of July 14th already started!


July 14th in Paris, fire works on the eiffel tower


Yesterday, July 14th was Basitlle day in France. Around 9:30 PM, we took the metro heading towards the eiffel tower and followed a French guy who told us what time the fire works started. Yes, thanks to him, we found a good place somewhere near l'Ecole Militaire.

The quality of Japanese fire works is better, but the ones last night were a little bit different, I should not compare. It was a great show because they combined fire works, lighting effects on the tower, music, and creativity. It was incredibly beautiful altogether... I hope you can get the feeling with this VIDEO CLIP

Park de Bercy, my favorite park in Paris


The first impression I had when I entered this park was that it was as if I had stepped into a park in northern California. The landscape provides us places to lie down on the grass both under the sun and in the shade, not just a flat square grass field with benches. Trees and plants are planted as if they grew naturally in a wood or around a marsh, not in a line. This space invites us to find our own favorite hidden spot; small hills with bushes, ponds where ducks swim or lotus float, shady nooks under different types of trees. I took off my sneakers and socks, and sat down at my favorite place for today. I enjoyed having peace of mind on a Saturday afternoon in Paris.

Parc de Bercy (marie de Paris)
Parc de Bercy (Wikipedia)


This Sunday, another beautiful park: Park Floral


Yesterday, so Sunday, we went to another beautiful park, Parc Floral. It is a huge botanical garden, which is just about 20 minutes away from the center of Paris. Most people go there not just to see plants but to enjoy themselves in many ways surrounded by nature. I saw adults enjoying a jazz concert under the blue sky and kids amusing themselves with tons of play-atheletic facilities. We, like most couples, friends and families, brought a simple lunch and had a pick-nick. It was a good sunday. Oh, lotus pond there was so beautiful and I took plenty of pictures.

Park Flora de Paris


Business Trip to Paris

I went to Paris in the middle of February for my business. I lived in the city for 4 months 2 years ago but it felt different this time. How different? Just walking in the city was fun and I could not stop smiling... (I guess that is because I came from Senegal this time as a short term visiter) I had my favroite Chinese food in the 3rd arrondisment, also ate Ramen, French food, and Oysters and bought some Japanese groceries. Especailly on the Sunday morning, the last day in Paris, walking with a cup of Chai from Sturbucks in the chilly air from St-Miche to St-German des Pres was just a great joy.


Only pictures that I took this time... shrimps and oysters.

・Cafe Constant
I don't usually like French food because it tends to be heavy for me, however, Ivery much liked what I had at this restaurant and the atmosphere was great. Thanks Miho and Greg!

You can eat fresh sea-food in this fish shop. The scallops were served with soy-sauce and wasasbi. Very taisty. This restaurant was in a Japanese magazine and it has become trendy with many Japanese women tourists.


We arrived Paris

We arrived safely to Paris on July 27th. We are fine and now looking for a long term apartment!


The end and beginning of the year

I would like to finally start updating this NEWS, since we moved to France. We spent the end of 2009 calmly in our apartment with our homemade dinner. I made mussels for the first time in my life. It was very easy and also very tasty! The next day, we had our friend S and her friends over to our apartment. We enjoyed a French (or Swiss) cheese called Mont d'Or with baguette and wine. After all, it was like a cozy French style (for us) end and beginning of the years.


Bebe in a special outfit, a gift from my aunt

Group picture

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