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From Paris to Tokyo towards Dakar (Senegal)

I came back to Tokyo from Paris last month to prepare for moving in October to Dakar, the capital of Senegal.

What is it like in Tokyo? There are lots of choices of foods and drinks and those are not expensive! For examle, you see at least 30 kinds of canned drinks starting from the price of about 80 yen (about 0.6 euro) in the convenience stores and the vending machines that can be found everywhere. Plus what is so convinient is that these drinks can come in the form of 200ML where as in Paris you can usually only find either 500ML or 1.5L. Anyway, here is just one small observation about the difference between Tokyo and Paris.


3 week vacation in Japan

I spent most of my vacation in Japan, 3 weeks from the middle of May to early June.

JICA Global Plaza: It is a new institution opened in April 2006 and located in Hiroo, Tokyo. You can learn about International Cooperation.

AIDS/HIV in Japan: Because my current work is related to the Health, this AIDS/HIV publicity caught my eye in a train. Did this kind of publicity exist in Japan before?

Spa on the rock: We went to Dragon Spa in Roppongi. You can sweat easily just by lying on a slab of rock through which far infra red radiation is projected. For a couple, they have a VIP room that you can use for 2 hours. I recommend it!

NINJA AKASAKA: I went to a famous entertainment restaurant with my mother and wife. The theme is "Ninja". Even getting to the table was an adventure. A ninja even does a magic-show at your table!

Japanese food: I ate many kinds of Japanese food (and gained weight as consequence…). So delicious.

Ramen: At last, I had 4 mini-ramen (Japanese-Chinese noodle soup) at the Ramen museum in Shin-yokohama. Yes, it was absolutely too much…(laugh).


3 Week Vacation in Japan

After North America and China, I spent the rest of my vacation, 3 weeks, in Japan. We were busy with my grandfather's funeral during the 1st week. The rest of the time we went shopping and met friends. It was so hot all over Japan and some cities broke the high temperature records during our stay. We went to Koenji, Machida, Otsuka, Magome, etc. And we got a nice package from my cousins in Atlanta. Thank you!

We went to Yokohama with my mother and 2 nephews. I made one of them cry...

Flowers for my grandfather.

We played WII. This was so fun!!

We enjoyed fireworks with cousins and nephews.

I had only one chance to have Ra-men this time. It was so tasty!

We also had only one chance to do Karaoke. Can you guess whose song? Yes, Akon! but I can't sing well...


Delayed Baggage and Presentations of My Work

It has been a while since my last update on this blog.

When I arrived in Senegal from the U.S with United and South African airways due to Delta’s overbooking, my three baggages did not arrive at the airport. Since that day, I tried to get the maximum amount of information about my baggage everyday by visiting, calling, and e-mailing. Finally, one baggage arrived from Ney York 4 days later and another baggage from Atlanta 5 days later. The last one, finally after 12 days, on December 31st, arrived from Johannesburg. Those days, I worried so much about my things and the baby goods that filled my 3 suitcases for our life in Dakar...

While I was away from Senegal, the 15th ICASA was held here. I prepared an oral presentation for the ICASA about a part of my work here in Senegal: an effective HIV/AIDS prevention approach for youth. I also presented my work at a conference in Tokyo held by the Japan Association for International Health in October (Thank you to the people in the health sector in Senegal who encouraged and supported me !).

- Presentation at the 23rd conference held by the Japan Association for International Health (Oct. 25-26, 2008)(

- Presentation at the 15th ICASA in Senegal (Dec. 5-7, 2008) (


Tokyo, Japan

We came back from Senegal to Japan on June 25th. We stay here in Tokyo untill we move to Paris on July 27th.


Business Trip to Tokyo

I arrived Tokyo this afternoon and stay here untill 24 October!

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